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Here are some recent work examples and design exercises that demonstrate various skills such as CAD design, visual presentation, techpacks and others. Discover my design signature and various projects that exemplify techniques learned over the last few years. More to come soon, stay tuned!

Limitless Reflections

A collaboration fashion design exercise using research on personal branding and the other brands in the efforts of combining them seamlessly. Shown through 6 final CAD designs alongside mood boards, hangtag ideas, ideation, call outs and more. 

Limitless Reflections is based on the New York City Vanderbilt Observation Deck and is a menswear collection that I feel best reflects the Dior Homme brand ethos and my personal interests in techwear and classic silhouettes.


A Whole New Collection

A Walk Through The Forest

Created collection for an independent fashion show of young up and coming designers in the area. With the theme of nature vs. nature and exploring what earth truly is and finding inspiration in the creation rather than the created.

I designed and constructed 4 pieces for this collection, 3 womenswear and 1 menswear outfit that I feel best reflects the brand but also is an exploration in my fashion interest as well as a test of applicable skills in the physical world.


Fashion design exercise based in knitwear with the freedom to explore certain design elements and interests. In this case, it was the first example of techwear or a techwear/industrial influence in my designs and constructed work. Complete with 6 womenswear sketches, backflats, call outs, and final garment construction, BUCKLED is a fun and visually interesting collection that set off the niche of techwear and eventually menswear in future projects.

White Structure


Menswear sustainability project created from old firefighter equipment, recycled denim, and painter's tarp. Stepping outside of my traditional design style and exploring into bold color and patterns to reflect the collection's ideas.

Modern Architecture
Screenshot 2022-11-28 175305.jpg
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